10 Apr 2018

Economics & BBA

In the year 2011 the Business Economics Department was established and recognized as one of the departments under the Faculty of Social Sciences. With the establishment of Economics Faculty in the year 2012 the Business Economics, Business Administration and Education Management Department came under the supervision of the Faculty. The faculty was led by a dean, two deputies and two assistants. Later, in the year 2017 as per the university policy, two heads for each department (Department of Business Administration and Business Economics) were recognized who work under the supervision of the Economics Faculty.

In the same way, most of the essential activities of the departments are wound up and taken care of by the three committees as:

• Curriculum Development Committee
• Strategic Plan Development Committee
• Accreditation
Now, faculty of Economics has two undergraduate departments and two master’s degree orientations.

1: Master’s Program Goals

Taking advantage of the economy knowledge, graduates of this programs will be able to:
• Serve as director of economic policy guidelines in their specialized field and try to settle economic issues and provide decisions and solutions at different levels.

• Work as teachers to teach the courses in universities and higher education institutions.
• Serve as a researcher to analyze problems and play a roles as policymakers

• Work as an expert in international economic organizations, banks, government agencies and private sectors.

2: Business Economics Program Goals

• Educating experts and skilled professionals to meet the needs of the labor market, institutions, agencies, and banks. • Increasing the students’ skill and ability to realize and understand the country’s economic conditions

• Preparing the students for further education and entering higher education levels (MA and Ph.D.) in Economic Sciences and Management courses
• It is expected that graduates will be able to take advantage of the economics knowledge and analyze issues and complex problems facing the economy at the macro, sectoral as well as large organizations levels and provide effective solutions and participate in economic policy development.

3: Business Administration Program Goals

• Training skilled manpower for organizations, agencies and public and private companies;
• Familiarizing students with business and entrepreneurial organizations;

• Increasing students’ skills and abilities in understanding the knowledge-based management issues, and collecting and analyzing data and information;
• Evaluating different solutions and making decisions about business and management issues; and

• Establishing necessary ground and encouraging students for self-study and personal and professional growth.

Research Trainings and Programs

We as an excellence center for economic studies offering the following programs to achieve the below objectives:

• Enhance students research skills

• Support research programs at the university
• Provide research services for companies and policymakers to better understand the market.
1. Survey, Market Research, Data Modeling and Data Analysis 2. SPSS
4. EViews
5. Quantitative Research Methods
6. Applied Statistics and Applied Econometrics Courses

Curriculum, Strategies and Approaches

The educational strategies of the department are a mixture of student oriented, teacher oriented and curriculum oriented strategy.
• Providing advanced training
• Practical and theoretical teaching based on the needs of the job market

• Providing research opportunities
• Providing the opportunities of taking part in scientific dialogues and discussions • Capacity building of our lecturers
The educational system at faculty of economics is defined based on credit system. In this way, the curriculum designed consists of a total of 140 credit hours that includes the general courses, required courses, specialization courses, electives and the final thesis.

Achievements and Recent Development

• Workshops on Teaching Methods and Research Methods for Lecturers (Quantitative Research Methods using Learning Management System by Al-Zahra University) in the beginning of year 2017)
• Workshop on use of Econometrics System 2016
• Finding student internship opportunities
• Educational Tours


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