The 2017 Asia Kabul First Round Online Programming Contest hosted by Kateb University on 20th October. Total of 12 teams from both Afghanistan and Iran from 8 universities participated in contest. Afghanistan teams are from Avicenna University, Gharjistan University, Kabul Polytechnic University, Kardan University, Kateb University, Rabia Balkhi University. Furthermore, Shahid Beheshti University and University of Sistan and Baluchestan participated from Iran.

The winner of the contest is team name "You Know Izad?" from Shahid Beheshti University, Second position goes to "KPU-CE" from Polytechnical University of Kabul, Third goes to Hunters from Kateb University. Forth and Fifth positions got by University of Sistan and Baluchestan and Gharjistan University respectively. Additionally, all other teams have got acceptance and therefore, are accepted for On-site contest on 8-10 November.

Teams participated from Gharjistan University, Kardan University, and Kateb University sites. Furthermore, Iranian teams are connected from their universities.

We are thanks full to all ACM/ICPC organizer who motivated us to run the contest in Afghanistan. Although we have got many challenges, I can see the motivation and improvement of Afghan Students since National Programming contest. They improved their skills in problem solving, team working, and program efficiency.

Online Contest Result
1Shahid Beheshti University(IR)"You Know Izad?"
2Polytechnical University of Kabul(AF)"KPU-CE"
3Kateb University(AF)Hunters
4University of Sistan and Baluchestan(IR)MakuranUSB
5Gharjistan University(AF)Ants Army

The link for the contest result and problems is the following: Contest Info
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