Registration Eligibility

For Being eligible for contest, please refer to the following important rules.

1. A team consists of exactly three contestants and a coach.
2. The coach is a representative of the sponsoring institution of higher education, typically he/she is a faculty member (he/she can be a Professional who is Representative of the institution.)
3. The coach certifies the eligibility of contestants and serves as the official point-of-contact with the team prior to and during contest activities 4. A team may have only one coach
5. Coach cannot be contestant.
6. The coach must fully register teams in the ICPC Registration System
7. A student who meets the Basic Requirements and FIRST began post-secondary studies in 2013 or later is eligible to compete.
8. A student who meets the Basic Requirements and was born in 1994 or later is eligible to compete.
9. The contest time is about 4-5 hours, furthermore, you can expect 8-16 questions on the contest day.
10. You are not able to carry on any electronic devices such as (Phones, Calculators, Laptop)
11. On the day of contest, we will serve you; therefore, you are not allowed to bring any eatable in contest venue.
12. Every team can expect only one computer for write their codes.
13. Every team can bring a limit 30 pages of A4 library code and related materials
14. These 3 languages are allowed on the day of contest C, C++, Java. A team can choose any of the following to write their codes.
For Registration please visit:

Registration Procedure

Registration Fee For Foreign Team: $200
Registration Fee For Domestic Team: 4000 AF
Registration Date: 10 Jul – 31 Oct 2017
Contest Date: 08th - 10th Nov 2017

Registration Link: Steps to Register your team:
1. Register your team providing email, and password, and coming related information.
2. As soon as you provided with your account, you must select year 2017-2018
3. Create team
4. Select Asia Region by clicking on map
5. Click on, Asia West Continent.
6. Select The 2017 Asia Kabul First Round.
7. Provide your Team name, institution (if it is not existing contact us with University name, Url, Short Name, Graduate Program (Yes, No)).
8. Add your contestants and confirm the registration.