31 Jul 2019

Kateb University directors visit to the USA

Following the strategic goals of the University to gain international experience and seek ground for cooperation with reputable universities, Kateb University directors, Mr.Ibrahim Qasimi (Co-Founder), Mr Ali Ahmad Yousefi (Chancellor) and Dr. Ismatullah Naebkheil (International Relations Director), visited the United States of America on June, 2019. The main parts of the trip’s agenda were dialogue  on common areas of cooperation as well as signing MoUs focusing on providing technical support, resource and technology sharing as well as educational and development programs.

During their stay, they visited Stratford University, George Mason University, John Hopkins University, Stryer University and St.Francis College and signed Memorandums of Understanding with three of them. Also, Kateb’s representatives made an initial agreement with AALLC Company to provide support for Kateb Finance and Management System Design.

Meanwhile, Kateb’s delegations met with some Afghan professors and Afghanistan Ambassador, Ms. Roya Rahmani in Washington D.C.

Kateb University directors visit to the USA

Kateb University directors visit to the USA


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