22 Apr 2018

Law & Political Science

Department of Law

The Law Department was established in 2008 with two departments namely “the Judicial and Prosecutorial Studies Department” and the “Public and Private Laws Department”. The departments are structured based on regulations and policies of the Ministry of Higher Education(MOHE) as well as other laws and of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In 2011, Faculty of Law and Political Science  established its second branch at the University’s Barchi Branch with both departments. The Law School has held over 5 graduation ceremonies and more than 600 students have graduated from the university with a Bachelor’s degree. Kateb University Master’s program comprises of two majors as “Criminal Law and Criminology” and “International Law”

Deparment of Political Science

The department of Political Science, from the beginning of Kateb University’s establishment in 2007, actively and responsibly tried to promote political knowledge in the country. The department educated committed and attentive students with targeted educational and research programs by relying on qualified faculty members. Students will be graduated from undergraduate level if they pass 140 course credits. Since all content of this field is theoretical, accordingly, the method of teaching is in the form of lecture and by use of teaching aids such as PowerPoint slides, projectors, boards and so on. In addition to lectures, research work done by students is as part of the training program. Given that graduates of this major will be working at important decision-making institutions of the country such as Foreign Ministry, parliament, ministries, media and etc. this is very important for us to make sure that our students are highly educated and skilled.

Facts and Figures

In 2015, 718 students enrolled in the Law School comprising 28.7% of the total student. In 2016, 120 new students were registered to study at the faculty. Financially, the Political Science and Law Faculty comprised 21/89% of total revenue from students. During the last nine years, the faculty has made significant achievements, the most important of which are as follows:


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