10 Apr 2018

Master of International Relation

Graduating a degree in International Relations is one of the key ways through which you can make the world a better place. You’ll have the opportunity to maintain positive diplomatic relations between states, prevent international conflicts, and make sure things run smoothly between governments in our highly interconnected world. But international relation specialists have a much broader set of career options in addition to politics and can get involved in fields like economics, social systems and cultural life of communities.

All this makes International Relation studies a very versatile subject offering plenty of opportunities for ambitious international students. Pursuing a Master’s degree in international relations will provide you with great insights on political affairs, public policies, economic trends, social issues, and laws – all linked together and forming the big picture. But what are your career prospects once you complete your degree in international relations? The most pursued careers in International Relations include: diplomacy, lobbying, political analysis, international law and intelligence.


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