24 May 2018


About Economics

Supply and Demand has always existed but not Economics. Along the Industrial Revolution in 18th Century when Adam Smith attacked the theory of Mercantilism and wrote The Wealth of Nations, Modern Economics was defined and came into being.

Scarcity in resources/factors of production is one of the basic principles of Human Economic Life. The exact concept behind this principle is that Nature and Human Capital have never and will never be able to satisfy all the demands of Human Beings. On the other hand, the mankind’s demand regarding good and services is unlimited. Therefore, every society faces the economic challenge of using scarce resources to satisfy the competitive demands in way that satisfies the maximum number of demands.

Economics provides practical, real solutions to free human societies from poverty, deprivation and facilitates them with growth and development.

Poverty, unemployment and economic instability are crucial issues the people of Afghanistan face. Keeping that in mind the Economics Faculty at Kateb University was established to best train human capital in fields like Economics Development and Business Economics in order to fight poverty and increase employment rate in the country.

Economics at Kateb University

The curriculum in the Department of Economics has been designed in a way that along the core competencies of Economics Theories as Micro and Macro Economics, Money and Banking, Business and International Trade, Econometric, Financial Economics, Economic Software they also get to know about Organization Management, Product Management, Project Management, Financial Management, E Trade, Principles of Accounting.

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Program Outcomes

After getting a BA in Economics from Kateb University, a student will be able to:

  1. Serve as director of economic policy guidelines in their specialized field and try to settle economic issues and provide decisions and solutions at different levels.
  2. Work as teachers to teach the courses in universities and higher education institutions.
  3. Serve as a researcher to analyze problems and play a roles as policymakers
  4. Work as an expert in international economic organizations, banks, government agencies and private organizations
  5. Educating experts and skilled personnel to meet the needs of the labor market, institutions, agencies, banks.
  6. Increasing the students’ skill and ability to realize and understand the country’s economic conditions
  7. Preparing the students for further education and entering higher education levels (MA and Ph.D.) in Economic Sciences and Management courses
  8. It is expected that graduates be able to take advantage of the economics knowledge and analyze issues and complex problems facing the economy at the macro and sectoral as well as large organizations levels and provide effective solutions and participate in economic policy development.

Credits Summary
Course No. of Credits Percentage Covered
General 16 11.42%
Foundation 39 27.85%
Core 72 51.42%
Electives 7 5%
Thesis 6 4.28%

Education System

The Education system at Kateb University is based on credits.

In order to graduate, a student needs to complete a total of 140 credits as per the principles defined by the Ministry of Higher Education. 1 Credit is equal to 16 sessions per semester.

Fee Chart for the Year of 2018

Barchi Branch

Faculty Fixed Fee Fee Per Credit  Total No. of Credits Real Fee Discount Percentage  Discount Amount Total Fees to be Paid Total Annual Fee
Economics AFN 12,000 AFN 850 18 AFN 27,300 45% AFN 12,285 AFN 15,015 AFN 30,030

Main Branch

Faculty Fixed Fee Fee Per Credit  Total No. of Credits Real Fee Discount Percentage  Discount Amount Total Fees to be Paid Total Annual Fee
Economics AFN

12, 000

AFN 850 18 AFN 27,300 20% AFN 5,460 AFN 21,840 AFN 43,680

Discounts Offered
First Position Holder of Every Academic year 80% Discount
Second Position Holder of Every Academic Year 60% Discount
Third Position Holder of Every Academic Year 40% Discount
Family Scholarship (2 People or more from a family) 10% Discount


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