26 Nov 2019

5th Annual Ping Pong tournament of Kateb University (KU)

Student Development Center of KU, in collaboration with the National Ping Pong Federation of Afghanistan, with the Presence of Mr. Ahmad Javid Sharafi (International Referee & Afghanistan’s National Team Head Coach) and Afghanistan’s National Ping Pong Federation Referees, held the 5th Ping Pong Tournament on Monday, November 11th 2019 at KU’s Main Branch.

As a Leading University in the educational and scientific sector, Kateb University strives to Empower and Grow Youth Academically and Athletically. It is therefore Proud to be the only Private Institution in Afghanistan to host the tournament in cooperation with the National Ping Pong Federation of Afghanistan.

The motive of this tournament is to identify the Top Ping Pong players of KU, to establish the KU Ping Pong Team and to register the KU Ping Pong Team in the National Ping Pong Federation of Afghanistan.

The tournament continued with the participation of 70 students from both KU branches from 1300-1900hours.

Mr. Abdullah Amin won the Championship by defeating all rivals. Mr. Majib-ur-Rahman Soltani won the runner up and Mr. Mohammad Mustafa Soltani won third place.

At last, Dr. Mohammad Musa Jafari, Vice-Chancellor of Kateb University, Professor Javid Sharafi, Afghanistan’s Ping Pong Team Head Coach, and Dr. Masouma Vaezi, Director of KU’s Student Development Center, Awarded the Championship Cup and Trophies to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

To be noted that these Tournaments are held each semester among the students of Kateb University.

According to an agreement between the KU’s Student Development Center and Afghanistan’s National Team Coach, the Top 12 players in the Tournament are to be registered with the Afghanistan’s National Ping Pong Federation.

 Ping Pong tournament

Ping Pong tournament

 Ping Pong tournament

Ping Pong tournament



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