15 Apr 2018

Councils and Committees

Academic Council

The Academic Council is the academic body of the University and defines procedures for instructors work, leads research and examination in order to regulate and promote the academic life of the University as per the standards defined by the Ministry of Higher Education. The Academic Council has the powers:

  1. To advise the faculties on academic matters
  2. To regulate teaching, research and examinations
  3. To regulate curriculum and market oriented needs of students
  4. To regulate the award of scholarships, discounts, student suspension and keep track of students graduating from each faculty
  5. To propose to the faculty members for the constitution and organization of faculties, courses and credits offered
  6. To make Regulations on the recommendations of the Committee for Accreditation for consideration and approval of the Chancellor
  7. To propose for each academic year, on the recommendations of the Committee of Accreditation, , the syllabus and the outlines of the tests for all University examinations
  8. To make Regulations for submission to the Syndicate.
  9. To appoint faculty members in accordance with the provisions of the University
  10. To perform such other functions as may be prescribed by the University

Accreditation Committee

A major priority of the Accreditation Committee is to address the Kateb University requirements for accreditation of its third phase:

  1. Coordinates annual plan for accreditation
  2. Compile and analyze institutional data,
  3. Receive and review faculty reports to submit to MoHE
  4. Prepare and submit Kateb University MoHE-required review documentation
  5. Prepare and publish an annual Institutional Assessment Report
  6. Establish criteria and standards for University assessment activities, and
  7. Provide continuity and leadership in ongoing accreditation activities.

Curriculum Development Committee

The purpose of Curriculum Development Committee is to monitor, evaluate and continuously improve the study plan to fulfill the KU mission of providing quality education. Curriculum Development Committee designs and implements the strategies for final revision of the study plan within the framework provided by National accrediting bodies such as MoHE.



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