10 Apr 2018

Research Council

Kateb Research Council

Kateb Research Council works to enhance the research quality at Kateb University. The members of the council are experts qualified in their respective fields. Research Council develops research standards, advises the research committee to implement the research projects in order to meet the standards. Research Council is also in charge of monitoring of research and publications. The research council members are as below:

1.    A representative from Chancellor Office

2.   Academic Affairs Deputy/Department

3.   Research Director

4.   Representative of each faculty

5.   Director of graduate schools

Below are some of the duties of research council:

  Helps the Research Management at Kateb University evaluate achievements against goals and objectives set for the department.

  Finding possible solutions for hurdles faced during implementation of research projects.

  Evaluation and providing suggestions regarding problems that the Board of Directors, Chancellor, Deputy of Academics have shared with the Research Management Unit.

  Decision making regarding bringing in new research projects from organizations and  centers, to Kateb University.

  Encouraging Scholars and Researchers for doing more research work and translation and also the publishing of more scientific knowledge.

  Planning for capacity building of Kateb University Professors and providing learning and research opportunities for KU Faculty Members.

  Evaluation and solution providing regarding translation and improvement of Text-Books.

• Monitoring and Reporting to the Chancellors office of quality of research and research activities done by the research team.

  Monitoring the Publishing process and progress.


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