11 Apr 2018

Student’s & Alumni Perspective

Madina Zohori –Kateb Student

Kateb University is located near our home on Darulaman Road so I visited it to check whether I can get admitted there. I fell in love with this amazing home to education. My favorite thing about Kateb University is the diversity of the student body. There are students from every corner of Afghanistan, enrolled in a vast amount of degrees at KU and have different passions but these differences never stopped us from being human and celebrating our diversity. The diversity has also helped me meet people who support causes same as me”

Madina Zohori – Student

Mutafa Nasiri - Kateb Alumni

Kateb, the Gateway of New Horizons!

Kateb-, greatly helped me get promotion and secure higher positions. In fact, Kateb opened new horizons, and broadened my vision. At Kateb, I learned how “rational people take rational decisions”. As I graduated from Kateb university in the year 2013 and successfully accomplished my bachelor thesis, Kateb was promoted to ‘university’ from ‘institute of higher education’. As a proud Kateb graduate, and after passing a series of examinations and interviews, I received two prestigious scholarships at the same time in the year 2014. To pursue my master’s degree abroad I was awarded the Fulbright scholarship of the USA. and PEACE/JICA scholarship of Japan.

Mutafa Nasiri – Alumni

Hamayoon Raufi - Alumni

One of my biggest inspirations in life was to get my masters degree in International Law. Since my graduation from Law School, I was looking to get my LL.M in Afghanistan. In 2013, I heard that Kateb University has started LL.M program for the first time in Afghanistan. Finally, my dreams came true. As Kateb University focuses on practical research assignments, I have also had the chance to participate in a Qualitative Research Methodology classes. The program was jointly organized by Kateb University, this program helped me to enhance my professional skills in the area of qualitative research methodology.

Hamayoon Raufi – Alumni

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