25 May 2018

Chancellor’s Message

First of all, I take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Kateb University (KU). I am deeply honored to serve as the chancellor of KU as I am, enthusiastic about working with an outstanding faculty and staff, exceptional student body, and a diverse and dedicated community that realizes, shares and supports the core values of this institution.

The University strives to meet the expectations and aspirations of the nation and society by adhering to its core values, which includes excellence, professionalism, integrity, transparency, teamwork, and accountability.

At KU, we offer a strong selection of academic programs to create opportunities for students, faculty and staff to work and to learn together in and out of the classroom, hence, promoting a student-centered atmosphere. We are proud that our diverse demographics reflect those of the communities we serve and that our students gain knowledge and skills that encourage them to become life-long learners to be able to work in local and multicultural environments.

The prime objective of the institution is not only to impart relevant knowledge and skills based on practical approaches and research, but also to enhance their critical-thinking, problem-solving, creative expression, effective communication skills to enable them to acquire the necessary technical and soft skills. We aspire that our students develop into the leaders of tomorrow, infuse the world with the power of their ideas and innovations, and advance the frontiers of knowledge and research in ways that translate into tangible benefits for the community and the country.

Thank you again for considering KU. I look forward to meeting you on our campus.

Ali Ahmad Yousefi

Chancellor, Kateb University


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