15 Apr 2018

Office of International Relations


The mission of the Office of International Affairs is to expand the relations of Kateb University with its prospective international stakeholders through MoUs, academic exchange, faculty exchange and student exchange.

Following are some of the objectives of the university
  1. University’s international activity
  2. International Students Recruitment (Part of the future plans)
  3. International Relations Strategy and Plan/Implementation
  4. Manage Institutional and Academic Relations Internationally
  5. Advice Faculties and Departments to build up their international plans and strategies
  6. Facilitating and publicizing any international research/educational exchange scholarships
  7. Serving as the coordinator for Kateb University students’ applications, selection, and preparation to study at foreign universities which have exchange agreements with Kateb University
  8. Accepting applicants from foreign prospective faculty and disseminating related information to Office of Instruction
  9. Promoting student exchange programs with partner universities under academic-exchange agreements and arranging student exchanges with partner universities
  10. Organizing cultural and social activities for international and exchange students at Kateb University
  11. Serving as an educational consultant and information hub for Kateb students who wish to continue their studies aboard
  12. Facilitating faculty member visits abroad
  13. Facilitating Video Conferences for Faculty and Students with International Academia
  14. Facilitating and approving reference letters for faculty who want to apply as lecturers outside the country

MoUs Signed with
  1. University of Toronto
  2. University of British Columbia
  3. University of Winder
  4. Confucius Institute
  5. Can Health International

Contact Details

Phone: 0093 729008325

Email: international.relations@kateb.edu.af


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