22 Apr 2018

Office of Instruction

The Office of Instruction at Kateb University works under the direct supervision of Deputy of Academic affairs and is there to help and facilitate the needs of the faculty members in order to ensure a professional working and learning environment. The office of Instruction is responsible for the following tasks:

1. Scheduling and renewing faculty contracts

2. Faculty Evaluation

3.  Evaluation Outcomes Assessment

4. Payroll Records

5. Arranging, Reviewing, Evaluating, Tracking, Collecting, Maintaining, Communicating, Organizing Teaching Sections

6. Managing Faculty Assignments

7. Monitoring Faculty Workload

8. Managing College’s Curriculum Process

9. Hiring, Firing and Promotion of Faculty Members

10. Follow-up of class schedules and course materials with faculty dean assistants

11. Preparing the committee meeting minutes

12. Collecting and preparing lecturers portfolio

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