29 Nov 2020

Kateb University’s Annual Report 2019

Kateb University is the most prestigious university in Afghanistan in the field of education and research.

This university was officially recognized, in the official ceremony in 2007, in the presence of faculty members, representatives of the mass media and members of the parliament.

In 2007 in the presence of Ministry of Higher Education’s Supervisory Committee, Kateb University held its first University Entrance Test (UET) in law, political science, and sociology faculties. More than 250 students were admitted and since then the number of students and instructors have been increasing. In 2010, approximately 1200 students were studying at the university and in 2012, the number of students reached to 2050, majoring in as many as 15 disciplines.

Kateb is home to several of the country’s leading schools, departments, centers, and institutes, offering access to the most up-to-date resources for groundbreaking education and innovative teaching. Kateb University at the moment has two branches in the capital, Kabul. The main branch is situated in Darulaman road, across from Habibia High School and the other branch is situated in Shahid Mazari Road, Haji Nawroz Square.

The combination of academics and expert practitioners at Kateb University provides a uniquely dynamic environment that enables students to pursue their studies and careers. Kateb is offering academic programs by giving professional and vocational orientation to courses to promote and to develop high-quality education in Afghanistan. We offer an exciting and challenging learning environment with modern, well-equipped facilities.

The main branch offers admissions in faculties of economics, political science, law, social science, engineering, computer science, and medicine. The Barchi branch offers admissions in faculties of law, political science, economics, computer science, engineering, and medicine. Kateb University as a pioneering institute possesses an education system based on international criterion and standards. Kateb University grants admission to students by holding a general University Entrance Test (UET) at the beginning of either the first or the second semester of the educational year.

Kateb University implements the credit system as a student-centered approach to learning. Each bachelor’s degree needs 136 credits to be completed. Each credit contains 16 hours of educational hours in a semester.  Each student can take 14 to 21 credits based on his/ her time availability, academic performance, and affordability. This enables the students to schedule their academic semesters the way they desire. Under the current system, students are granted the right to choose their lecturers and subjects freely. Students are actively involved in academic dialogues, discussions, and reviews in classes to understand the lectures thoroughly. Kateb University provides the ground for the students to enhance their knowledge and research skills through required researches and academic conferences related to their degree subjects during their academic period. The textbooks and academic curriculum of Kateb University is adapted from the world-class universities.

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