15 Apr 2018

Founders Message & Bio

I founded Kateb University (KU) in 2007 with the realization of the need to transform the existing traditional education system in Afghanistan into a standard, lively and pioneer knowledge-hub for learning and research. I envisioned to make quality education accessible to all by providing continuously updated educational programs and developing up-to-date curricula, with the help of experienced and highly qualified faculty and staff body, enriched infrastructural facilitates, advanced resources and conducive environment. Thus, KU was established as a vehicle to bring about the change as the solution to the problems the educational system faced in Afghanistan.

At KU, our constant endeavor is to create an ambience that is based on practical approaches and methodic research. Also, we provide our students with unique opportunity for career advancement coupled with an enabling and diverse environment for community engagement through extra-curricular activities.  Most importantly, KU students, are groomed not only to be competent professionals, but also socially responsible and concerned citizens with strong moral and ethical values. It is, therefore, a delightful experience for me to learn that thousands of students who have passed out through the portals of our institution have established themselves very well in different walks of life.

That said, I hope, you will choose KU as your academic destination and become one of those fortunate students on our campus. KU assures that your life on our campus will be richly rewarding, academically and otherwise. I extend my best wishes to you all for your successful future careers you plan to pursue your professional life.

Mohammad Ibrahim Qasimi

Founder, Kateb University

Aqil Shah Alyasi

Mr. Aqil Shah Alyasi is dedicated to professional growth by upgrading skills and participating in training opportunities. He is recognized for his leadership skills and willingness to do all possible measures to get a job done. He has an M.A from Kabul University, Faculty of Social Sciences and department of Sociology and a B.A from Faculty of Economics and department of Finance.

He is the founder of Agents of Democracy Organization and Karamoz Vocational Institute. He has remained the Deputy for Finance and Admin Affairs, Director of Barchi Branch (KU), Director of Development at KU and a lecturer of the Sociology Department, respectively.

Founder’s Message

My motivation and determination to establish Kateb University stem from my concerns regarding the disorganized and abnormal situation of the Afghan society. The continuous crises that have destroyed the system and social structure of Afghanistan over several decades, and caused its disintegration, and instability have always been one of the fundamental questions for me and my generation. I believe that the root of all the problems of our society originates from cultural poverty. The most obvious indicator of cultural poverty is illiteracy and low level of awareness, which not only hinders thinking, but also causes individual and collective dementia. Therefore, wherever thought and rationality are pushed to the sidelines, or when behaviors are formed in the practical life of mankind in the absence of logical and methodical thinking, the result will be nothing but misery. Logical and solution-making thinking is not possible unless social activists are equipped with the tools of correct thinking, which is science.

With regard to my intellectual concerns, with the intention of being able to take a step towards the change and social transformation of the Afghan society through the establishment of a university, in cooperation with Mr. Mohammad Ebrahim Qasimi, we established Kateb University.

Kateb University was founded with the intention of raising society’s awareness by providing scientific services based on standard education and problem-oriented research. The ethical and scientific mission of Kateb University is to direct its activities through the fulfillment of human welfare based on scientific and more valuable approaches.

This task will be fulfilled when we can redefine our position at different levels of today’s complex world.  By understanding the importance and value of science in the contemporary world, Kateb acknowledges that science cannot be limited by location. Therefore, Kateb University considers itself as part of the family of academic institutions in the world, and through establishing scientific relations with peer institutions, it provides the opportunity to use scientific findings at the global level and helps in localizing science. Also, whenever there is a discussion about knowledge the training of specialized and skilled human resource is also highlighted. The undeniable role of specialized human resources in the development of countries is clear. Kateb University, with a global system approach, is committed to provide knowledge-based entrepreneurship in Afghanistan and provide skilled workforce training in accordance with global standards for national and international labor markets. It is expected that Kateb University will take solid steps with strong determination to achieve the defined goals by employing expert and capable human resources.

In conclusion, I express my appreciation and gratitude to my father, Alhaj Nawroz Ali Alyasi for his full-scale and generous support in founding and developing Kateb University. Undoubtedly, without his support, establishment and development of Kateb University was impossible.

Dr. Aqil Shah Alyasi,

Founder of Kateb University




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