15 Apr 2018

Founders (Message & Bio)

Mohammad Ibrahim Qasimi

It was time we needed to change traditional education system to a more systemized, standard and trustable factor for our youth, Kateb University was the solution. No force in Afghanistan or the International World would be able to change the future of our youth into bright, which is now, other than us.

Education at Kateb University is taught based on practical approaches. We have instructors here who have practical approaches themselves. At Kateb teachers and students treat eachother alike, regardless of what ethnicity they belong to or who their idol is as an individual. In today’s world, where differences are respected rather than excluded, diversity is one of our values. We do not allow individual students to fall out because they do not belong to a certain ethnicity.

We value the need of every student for higher education and their individual needs for all kinds of soft and hard skills that could help them transform their lives into good, at any certain point needed.

When you get a degree from Kateb University, it won’t be that you passed a journey of four or two years, it means that you can now attempt to change the lives of your fellow countrymen who have long gone through war.

Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Aqil Shah Alyasi

Mr. Aqil Shah Alyasi is dedicated to professional growth by upgrading skills and participating in training opportunities. He is recognized for his leadership skills and willingness to do all possible measures to get a job done. He has an M.A from Kabul University, Faculty of Social Sciences and department of Sociology and a B.A from Faculty of Economics and department of Finance.

He is the founder of Agents of Democracy Organization and Karamoz Vocational Institute. He has remained the Deputy for Finance and Admin Affairs, Director of Barchi Branch (KU), Director of Development at KU and a lecturer of the Sociology Department, respectively.





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