15 Apr 2018

Strategic Plan

Vision of KU

In order to achieve goals and success, the organization needs a clear picture of the future. This clear picture is called vision. Vision is a place to which competitors cannot get easy access. Vision considers realistic, reachable and fascinating future for the organization. It is the explicit expression of the fate toward which the organization needs to move. The intended place of Kateb University in 1400 is defined as follows:

Becoming a reputable university across the region

Mission of KU

Mission represents the reason for the existence of the organization. It shows the position of the organization in terms of engagement. After much discussion, mission of Kateb University has been codified as follows:

‘‘Kateb University, as a reputable educational organization, tries to present high-quality education and research across the country and region. It seeks to develop scientific and technical infrastructures of the country as well as responding to the labor market demand and providing ground for balanced development of higher education. In this regard, Kateb University has been employing specialized faculty members, working with national and international academic institutions, utilizing modern technology and providing appropriate research environments with academic and moral principles. Also, improving academic and directorial potentials of the personnel is one of the main priorities.’’

Long-Term Goals of the University

Long-term goals are stated on the basis of development, promotion and improvement and represent growth and enhancement. In fact, long-term goals are clear demands resulting from atmospheric mission and investigation. Long-term goals represent expected results of implementing specified strategies. In other words, a strategy is a practical way to reach long-term goals. The time frames of strategies and long-term goals are compatible and usually last for 2 to 5 years. Long-term goals are quantitative, measurable, real, understandable, challenging, reachable and within certain time frames. As a result of investigating internal and external atmospheres of Kateb University and regarding the main vision and mission of the university, the main goals of Kateb University for the next 5 years are assigned as follows:

  1. Creating and promoting educational atmosphere
  2. Making a brand out of Kateb University
  3. Valuable participation in the affairs of society
  4. Institutionalizing research in the event of affecting the educational system, decision making, teaching-learning and specialization
  5. Creating and developing structures, bills, instructions and guidelines based on international standards
  6. Creating portfolio, developing income sources and accounting them
  7. Commercializing science and relating to industry

You Can Download The Strategic Plan File to Following Link.

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