15 Apr 2018

Office of Strategic Communications

OSCD Mission Statement

The KU office of  strategic communications development  (OSCD) strives’ to visualize the KU activities through different channels to ensure that all information disseminated to KU stakeholders is relevant, timely, and easy to access, accurate, appropriate in content and quality. We are seeking to coordinate between internal functions activity for better engagement with targeted audiences and stakeholders. OSCD also seeks to enhance external communications in order to facilitate and support KU’s vision/strategic priorities through different platforms such as networking, partnerships and etc.

OSCD Objectives
  1. Enhance the long term value of KU, through development of new revenue streams and increase the current revenue line.
  2. Protect and enhance the KU reputations
  3. Enhance the KU network and channel with interest groups, relevant sectors, professionals and government and international community
  4. Increase public understanding and visibility of KU activities and aims
  5. Play as a coordination body for KU different departments
  6. Develop and enhance communications tools and channels
  7. Paly as information hub for KU as a whole
  8. Provide training and development for KU people in the field of communications
  9. Help KU engage with audiences
  10. Conduct annual survey of KU activities

OSCD Activities

  1. Business Development & fundraising
  2. Public Relations and Event Management
  3. Content development, designing and printing
  4. Digital communication

Contact Details

Email: strategic.communications@kateb.edu.af

Phone: 0787958744

Address: Master Branch, A building, Room no. 107, Kateb University



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