5 Nov 2023

Kateb University Conducted the 6th ICPC Programing Contest.

The ICPC programming contest is the oldest, most prestigious, and largest student programming contest in the world, covering around 110 countries, and approximately 60,000 participants participate in the contest every year in the world, the winning teams of the regional contest will be allowed to participate in the world final competition.

ICPC regional programming Contests in Afghanistan are also held every year hosted by Kateb University and this year, Kateb University had the honor of hosting the regional sixth round of these competitions., 42 teams from various public and private universities participated in this competition and then the competition started on Friday 29/Sep/2023 at 8:30 AM and ended at 1:30 PM.

A representative from Kabul University, Polytechnic University, Kabul Education University, Kateb University, Kardan University, Avicenna University, and Karwan University were responsible for judging this process. In the end, First through fifth place went to the following teams:

*  First place goes to the “Constructor” team from Kabul University.

*  Second place goes to the “Syntax Squad” team from Kabul University.

*  Third place goes to the “Algo Hackers” team from Polytechnic University.

*  Fourth place goes to the “Ku Coders” team from Kabul University.

*  Fifth place goes to the “Dreams Hack” team from Kateb University.

This contest’s first team has been granted permission to participate in the World Final Competition 2024.


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