29 Nov 2020

A virtual meeting of Kateb University’s Chancellor and the director of UNDP

The Chancellor of Kateb University and Secretary of the Afghanistan Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN Afghanistan) had a virtual meeting with the President and members of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Office in Afghanistan. This meeting was held to develop tripartite cooperation between Kateb University, UNDP and the Afghanistan Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN Afghanistan) in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Afghanistan.
The meeting began with a speech by Professor Yousefi, chancellor of Kateb University and SDSN Afghanistan. Welcoming the UNDP members, Professor Yousefi invited Mr. Al-Dardari as a speaker at the official launch ceremony of SDSN Afghanistan.
Mr. Aldardari, President of UNDP, then thanked SDSN Afghanistan for its cooperation with the Afghanistan Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN Afghanistan), and announced his cooperation in different such as the institutionalization of Sustainable Development Goals through master’s programs, the provision of Sustainable Development Goals training programs by UNDP experts, and make strong communication between Kateb University and other prestigious universities in the world.
Ms. Sarabi, UNDP Policy Advisor, provided information on the important role of the University in policy-based research and scientific critique of current policies, which was approved by Mr. Aldardari. Mr. Aldari added that current media analyzes of policies are insufficient and that universities need to be involved in providing long-term analytical critiques of policies.
Then Mr. Shoaib Khaksari, UNDP Sustainable Development Goals Project Manager, stated that the exchange of information and resources between UNDP, SDSN Afghanistan and Kateb University is one of the ways of cooperation.
Mr. Shafaei, co-chair of SDSN Afghanistan, also stated that Kateb University and SDSN Afghanistan are ready to provide financial and technical support in the areas of cooperation mentioned by the UNDP team.
Mr. Farhat then provided detailed information on the four SDSN Afghanistan programs, which include Awareness and Engagement, Teach Afghanistan, Solutions for (A-SDGs) and influence decision making.


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