2 Jan 2021

Article by Dr. Ataullah Ahmadi has been published.

A scientific article by Dr. Ataullah Ahmadi entitled “Drug Shortage Crisis in Sudan in times of COVID-19” has been published in Public Health in Practice Journal with the affiliation of Kateb University.

Abstract of this article is:

“Sudan is witnessing severe drugs, medicines, and medical supplies shortages, which present a major impediment to the provision of emergency healthcare services. Drug insecurity in Sudan is as a result of several accumulated factors, primarily due to worsening economic condition, inappropriate pricing policy, privatization of the phar-maceutical sector, poor manufacturing and weak weak were gulatory system. These could threaten patient health through replacement of highly efficacious medicines with less effective alternatives and by impacting the scheduling of urgent medical operations and procedures. Drug and medicine shortages are of catastrophic impact especially amid the current epidemic of COVID-19 where these are salient needs. Efforts should be quickly directed to ensure immediate access to pharmaceutical products and other essential health commodities. Effective policies on drug importation, production, pricing, and distribution should be established to avoid the consequences of an impending crisis.”

Interested people can find the article through this link.


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