22 May 2018

Book Club

The one who acquires the habit of reading is to have a creative mind and the ability to generate new ideas and take initiations. The aim of KPDI Book Club is to promote and encourage the habit of reading among Afghan young generation. Members of this club come together to discuss books that they have read and express their opinions, it is not technically oriented, the participants can be of any age or group with different interests.

Each week members are assigned to a specific book that is to be covered during that stipulated period of time. Currently, novel books – classic and modern fictions-are at the core of book club. Not only different authors and genres will be read, but their literature and plots will be critiqued as well. Our well-equipped library at Kateb University will provide the required books and reading material to the members and we put great efforts to quench your thirst of reading books.

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