1 Sep 2019

Kateb Research Center in Cooperation with Wadha Publication Conducted book exhibition

The Research Center of Kateb University, besides holding scientific programs, seminars and conferences, this time it held a book exhibition in cooperation with Vazha Publication in the main branch from August 26 to August 28 and in the Barchi branch from September 2 to September 4. The book exhibition is held in two Main branches and Barchi according to the operational plan of the Research Center in each semester.

Vazha Publication, which operates in the field of book printing and book sales, holds book exhibition in both the Main and Barchi branches every semester. It is worth mentioning that Kateb Publications has been cooperating for many years in the field of editing, page layout, book publishing and publishing the scientific-research quarterly of Kateb University. Mr. Farzam, in charge of Vazha Publication, is completely satisfied with the book exhibition held at Kateb University.

In general, the main purpose of holding this exhibition is to strengthen the culture of reading at the university level, promoting the cultural level of the society and promoting the level of study of the society, which was held based on the plans and with the cooperation of Vazha Publication. One of the tasks of the exhibition is to attract students who are less interested in reading to and book exhibition, which in itself attracts this section of society to books and reading, and in other words, it is the exhibition that provides such a capacity for this important. Also, holding a book exhibition is a good opportunity for publishers and sellers to sell books, and it makes publishers less able to introduce their books.

book exhibition

book exhibition


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