22 May 2018

Cultural Events

Cultural Events at University help students in different ways.

  1. At Kateb, we want our students to know about the culture of their fellow countrymen who have long gone through war and not been able to witness the beauties from near.
  2. We want each student, coming from any province to feel accepted the way they are, feel the true meaning of inclusiveness and its importance for today’s Afghanistan.
  3. We want them to break out of cultural exclusiveness and learn about where their peers come from.

Yearly we organize two most important cultural events for our students.

  1. Afghan Cuisine Festival

The Afghan Cuisine Festival is an annual event organized by the Student Success Center. In the event, students from the freshmen year work in groups of two to showcase 1 or 2 popular foods from their province or a specific ethnic group.

Last year around 30 groups participated in the festival and showcased 30 popular foods of the Afghan Culture.

  1. Afghan Diversity Festival

The Afghan Diversity Festival is also organized once every academic year. Volunteers make diverse groups (i.e, 1 person from Kabul, another from Badakhshan and another from Bamiyan) and select a culture to showcase. It includes the Food, Dance and the Costume.

In the event students learn about their fellow peer’s culture.

Note: Students with new ideas that can help increase cultural awareness and increase social interaction among students, can contact the office of Strategic Communication’s Events Officer.

Phone: 0794831706

Email: events@kateb.edu.af


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