21 Nov 2020

Educational services

  1. One of the missions of Kateb Hospital is to provide a suitable environment for the internship and practical experiences of medical students. In different departments, specialists have trained 473 students (from semesters 5 to 10 of the medical schools) in different wards during this year. By doing so, they have played an effective role in promoting medical knowledge and skills of students.


  1. The pediatricians of this hospital have played a vital role in raising the level of public awareness about the prevention of seasonal diseases, breastfeeding and infant nutrition. The mentioned specialists have held seminars and prepared educational videos for the public in order to promote the level of public awareness in the field of health, which are accessible to the public

  1. In addition to treating patients, the hospital’s obstetricians and gynecologists have been active in educating mothers about the risks of pregnancy, nutrition during pregnancy, and family planning.

  1. General internal medicine specialists, surgeons and other physicians of this hospital have also played a pivotal role in informing the public about disease prevention, proper nutrition, prevention of seasonal diseases, etc. by organizing meetings and conferences.

Seminars and training courses:

  1. Meetings to inform people about the importance of malnutrition in children: This seminar was held on 2020-06-09 in the conference hall of Kateb Hospital with the attendance of families, patients and students. Hospital pediatricians shared their knowledge about the underlying reasons of malnutrition, its symptoms and risks.
  2. Seminar on general danger signs in children: This scientific seminar was held on 2020-01-25 in the conference hall of Kateb Hospital with the participation of patients’ families, students and healthcare personnel.

In this seminar, general danger signs in children and their treatment were discussed by specialists.

  1. Ultrasound training course: This course was held with the presence of 30 students, doctors and healthcare personnel for a month by the specialists of Kateb Hospital.
  2. Management and Governance Workshop: This workshop was held once a week for a month to promote the management skills of health personnel in hospitals and health centers in western Kabul.




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