24 Nov 2020

Financial Committee guideline


The following guidelines and policies are to be implemented by the Finance Commission to facilitate the process of granting discount and increasing the transparency of discount procedure.

The Financial Commission is required to undertake all the responsibilities set forth in this guideline and the rules and regulations other than those stipulated in this document shall not be binding.

The objective of this guideline

Granting discounts to students in compliance with authorization obtained from the relevant legal authorities.

Addressing students’ requests and facilitating the granting discounts.

Members of the Finance Committee:

The members of the University Finance Committee consist of the administrative staff of the University, who are appointed by the Chancellor of the University.

The members of the University Finance Committee are as follows.

 Administrative and financial deputy

 Scientific and teaching deputy

 Deputy of Student Affairs

 Accounting management

Note: In the financial committee meeting, the administrative and financial deputy was appointed as the chairman of the committee. The other participants are known as members.


Authority of the Financial Commission:

The University Financial Commission has authority in the following cases and shall not have power to make decisions beyond the provisions of this document.

 Investigating students’ complaints regarding tuition fines.

 Processing the requests made by natural and legal persons (inside and outside the organization) and current students of the university for receiving discounts.

 Investigating complaints related to the repayment of fixed tuition of theses for one or more semesters at undergraduate and graduate programs.

 Reviewing and refunding students’ fees.

 Reviewing the application of debtor students to issue an exam card and permission to attend final exams.

Financial commission meetings:

The time of the financial commission’s meetings is determined relative to students’ academic and educational schedule. These meetings shall be convened in each academic semester when the need arises.

The accounting management, as the body in charge of collecting the requests and forms of the University Financial Commission, is required to schedule meetings in collaboration with the Administrative and Financial Deputy in order to prevent the accumulation of petitions and requests.

The process of reviewing and deciding the requests in the Financial Commission:

All natural persons who want their financial affairs to be processed by financial commission must follow the steps below.

 Receiving a form from the university financial commission and putting down student details in the form.

 If the applicant has a written referral letter and request from governmental and non-governmental institutions, the original document must be attached.

 If the form is not completed, the student’s request shall not be processed.

 Filling out a discount request form does not mean the entitlement of discount.

 Reporting the financial status of the student by the accounting management

 The accounting management is required to enter the financial records of students accurately.

 The commission’s decision is executed based on the accounting management’s report.

 The accounting management informs the applicant of the Financial Commission’s ruling.

Registration and filing of financial commission rulings:

After each meeting of financial commission, all rulings shall be organized in a minute file. They are then directed along with all the petitions and requests to the accounting management for archiving and notification of the rulings.

The minute file is kept in an office called the Financial Commission Archive and the attached documents (petitions and requests) are preserved in a safe place.


1- Table of tuition discounts offered by Kateb University’s

2- Scholarship and discount form of Kateb University

3- Petition form of the financial commission


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