12 May 2018

International Day of Special and Incurable Diseases

Today, Tuesday, May 11, 2018 coincides with International day of Special Patients, Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with Hemophilia Patients Associated and National Charitable Foundation for patients celebrated this day in the conference hall of Kateb University with a scientific and educational program. This program was held in the presence of Presidents of Hemophilia Patients’ Association and National Charitable Foundation, specialists of hospital in Kabul, influential people of Kabul and number of students.

Speakers of the program are as follows:

  1. Dr. Abbas Ali (Ramozi), the head of Medicine Faculty of Kateb University, after paying tribute to the guests, spoke about the relationship between hemophilia and heredity and consanguineous marriages and their treatment.
  2. Dr. Zikrullah Faqirzadeh, President of the Hemophilia Patients’ Association, spoke about the latest situation of hemophilia patients in Afghanistan and providing health services of association to hemophilia patients.
  3. Dr. Sharif Sediqi, a pediatrician in Maiwand Hospital, explained about the number of thalassemia patients in hospital, facilities and providing hospital health services to patients.
  4. Dr. Tabesh Bakhtiari, super specialized in organ transplantation presented his presentation on dialysis and pollen transplant patients in Afghanistan and compared it with other countries in the world.
  5. Dr. Fariba Barin, representative of Blood Bank in Kabul, provided the necessary explanations regarding health services and provision of blood bank products and cooperation of this bank, especially for special patients.
  6. In the end, Dr. Syed Hamid Mousavi provided sufficient information on the diagnosis of hemophilia and thalassemia patients in the laboratory and before birth of these patients by presenting his presentation.


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