8 Sep 2018

Khushal Asefi

Khushal Asefi Managing Director of Ariana Radio Television Network and University Lecturer

I have done my Master Degree in International Relation at Katab University

What I learned over the course of two years Master Degree at Katab University is really measurable and praiseworthy.

For me, Katab University has been a human making organization, and I learned practical things in my scribe. What has a bazar at the labor market, I learned the basic principles of today’s diplomacy, I learned how strong foreign policy can be, and strong actors in general, in my opinion, 5 things or the principle can distinguish Katab from other universities in Afghanistan.

1: Static and professional Instructors, each of them has a doctorate degree and wrote several books.

2, Katab is Very strict in Implementing the Rules and Regulations

3, The University is Productive not Imitation Katab Produce Knowledge

4: The University is a student-centered, non-Teacher mostly chance are being given to students

5: The University is maker of real managers and leaders

Iam happy and proud of learning at Katab University


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