8 Jul 2019

KU has been awarded the official certificate of national academic accreditation

Kateb University has been awarded the official Certificate of Academic Accreditation from Ministry of Higher Education.

In a ceremony held by ministry of higher education on  July 7, 2019, Kateb University received the national academic accreditation. Through the event the certificate of national academic accreditation distributed to the 6 public and private universities that have successfully passed the accreditation process.

Kateb University was included into the process of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Program, and by fulfilling all the requirements attained grade A  on May 2019.

Ministry of Higher Education initiated the National Academic Accreditation Process in 2013 for evaluating quality and granting accreditation to governmental and non- governmental universities. In this three-step process called the quality assurance and validation program, the higher educational institutes and universities would be assessed from organizational and educational aspects.  The quality assessment shall focus on the issues of organizational infrastructure, quality of management, efficiency of education, the academic level of teachers, quality and quantity of research, and so on. Till now there are only six universities awarded the national academic accreditation and Kateb University is in the top of the list by scoring 89.74 out of 100.




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