19 Mar 2018

participation of Mr. Mohammad Dawood Rezayie, head of department of law, faculty of law and political science at international committee of red cross conference

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) annually organizes an international conference to discuss issues related to international law, international humanitarian law and human rights with the participation of South Asian countries. The committee’s twenty-ninth session was held in Sri Lanka this year for a week. Representatives from South Asian countries regularly attend these conferences.
Kateb University annually introduces one of its instructors to the International Committee of the Red Cross, representing the academically educated Afghan community.At this year’s summit, Dr. Mohammad Dawood Rezayie, head of Department of Law, Faculty of Law and Political Science of Kateb University, attended on behalf of the university as well as on behalf of the academics, lawyers and educated Afghan community.
It should be noted that among the members of the Afghan delegation who went to Colombo to attend the conference, high-ranking diplomats of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan also participated.
Some images of the Twenty Ninth Meeting of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Sri Lanka, Colombo



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