27 May 2018

Master of Economics

About the Economics Program at Kateb University

The Economics Master’s Program at Kateb University strives to train specialists who become Economic Analysts, Policy Makers, Business Leader and Entrepreneurs. Through the process they learn the skills of critical thinking and problem solving and become economic leaders for the Afghan Community.

Why Master of Economics

Economic and Educational Independence is one of the main priorities of the Afghan nation and the constitution emphasizes on that. On the other hand, the bachelor graduates need to enhance their knowledge in the field in order to be able to become useful economists for the society. One way for knowledge enhancement are the international scholarships offered, but they are offered in small numbers. Kateb University feels privileged to be able to offer Masters Degree in Economics to fulfill one of the grant needs of the country for the field.

Master of Economics at Kateb University

Kateb University offers outstanding master’s program in the fields of economics and development economics, we offer rigorous training in the three main strands of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics to give the student broad level of knowledge needed to work as a professional economist or undertake doctoral study. Alongside the core subjects, students will have the chance to delve into areas like financial economics, growth theory and engineering economics.

We are providing practical skills-based training to enhance the student skills, we also strive to enhance the research abilities of students through different platforms.

Program Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Work as Economic Policy Makers
  2. Work as Economic Consultants
  3. Undertake a doctoral degree
  4. Delve into Areas like Financial Economics, Growth Theory and Engineering Economics
  5. Spend their time to research on controversial economical issues faced by societies

Credits Summary
Course No. of Credits
Core Selective 14 – 20
Core Elective  12 – 18
Thesis 6

Education System

The Education system for Masters Program is also based on credits.

In order to graduate, a student needs to complete a total of minimum 32 and maximum 44 credits as per the principles defined by the Ministry of Higher Education. 1 Credit is equal to 16 sessions (50 minutes per session) per semester. A student can take minimum 8 and maximum 10 credits each semester. Only those students who grades’ percentages are above 85% can take more than 10 credits.

Fee Chart for the Year of 2018
Faculty Fixed Fee Fee Per Credit  Total No. of Credits Real Fee Discount Percentage  Discount Amount Total Fees to be Paid Total Annual Fee
Master’s Program AFN 20,000 AFN 5,000 10 AFN 30,900 0% AFN 8,034 AFN 22,866 AFN 70,000
Master’s Thesis AFN 20,000 AFN 7,000 6 AFN 30,900 0% AFN 8,034 AFN 22,866 AFN 62,000



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