27 May 2018

Master of Political Science

Why Masters of Political Science

Political Science is the study of Social Development, Political Decision Making and the study of How Society Works and Develops. Students who study Political Science find the ability to work and take part in political reform of the country. They can take part and become active representatives of their nations in embassies and consulates. They become political analysts for national and international political issues.

Political Science at Kateb University

Students at Kateb University study a range of topics such as Public Policy, International Relations and Political Theory, International development, Constitutional Law, Human rights, World Politics and Policy Analysis, Democratization and Diplomacy.

Program Outcomes

Students who acquire master degree in Political Science can choose to:

  1. Work at Government Ministries
  2. Work at Private Companies
  3. Work at Consultancies
  4. Become members of Political Parties
  5. Become a Parliament Member

Students who study Master of Political Science at Kateb University study a total of 32 to 44 credits that consists of Lectures and Research Projects. Students need to complete a research project on a political issue. A student can take more than 10 credits in a semester in case his average grades are more than 85%.

Credits Summary
Courses Number of Credits
Core Selective 26
Core Elective 10
Final Thesis 6

Fee Chart
Faculty Fixed Fee Fee Per Credit Total No. of Credits Total Fee Discount Percentage Discount Amount Total Fees to be Paid Total Annual Fee
Masters Program AFN 20,000 AFN 5,000 10 AFN 70,000 0% 0 AFN 70,000 AFN 140,000
Masters Thesis AFN 20,000 AFN 7,000 6 AFN 30,900 0% AFN 8,034 AFN 22,866 AFN 62,000





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