25 Apr 2019

Message of Chancellor of University on the occasion of obtaining the national academic credit of Kateb University

In the name of Almighty Allah

Acquiring academic credit from Kateb University and obtaining the highest credit score in the country is one of the greatest achievements and honors of Elite Center. Achieving a variety of successes in recent years is the result of tireless efforts of my colleagues, relying on self-confidence, empowerment, consensus and cooperation to achieve the goals of the university. It is a great honor for me to experience unique and unrepeatable moments with my caring and honest colleagues at Kateb University.

Congratulations to the founders, board of directors, administrators, managers, professors, staff, students and all the esteemed employees of Kateb University for this great and historic achievement, and this great victory is due to their efforts, and wish them further success in serving the community. And with full appreciation and gratitude to the esteemed official of Ministry of Higher Education, Deputy Ministers and Presidents of that Ministry, especially esteemed President of Quality Improvement and Credit and Honorable President of Universities and Private Higher Education Institutions, Congratulations.

Kateb University is committed to improving the quality of education, research and production of science and technology in the country. My colleagues at Kateb University have reached the highest peak of success in the country. Now, they are moving towards realizing the university’s vision. It is now our turn to become a prestigious university in the region. We pledge to people of Afghanistan to be proud of our beloved country abroad. I pray to Allah Almighty for a future of peace, prosperity and happiness for the people of this country.

With respect


Ali Ahmad Yousefi


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