1 Apr 2019

Ministry of Higher Education’s Professional Review from Kateb University

The Honorable professional reviewers of the Ministry of Higher Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department visited Kateb University from March 25 to 28, 2019 to assess the implementation of quality improvement and accreditation criteria.

During their 4-day visit, on the first and second days, the team met the University leadership, faculty and department members, members of the Quality Assurance Committee, representatives of various councils and committees of the university, professors, administrators and administrative staff, Bachelor’s and Postgraduate students and discussed in separate sessions on the implementation of quality improvement and accreditation criteria.

During the third and fourth days, they met the Board of Directors, the main office of the Quality Assurance Department and the quality assurance teams at the department levels (Medical Sciences, Computer Science, Economics, Law and Political Sciences), the Student Affairs Office, the NAD Student Portal’s Office, Financial and Administrative Management, Human Resources Management, Management planning and effectiveness, professional development Management, The Public Relations Office, The Law Clinic, Kateb Hospital, Laboratories (Medicine, Computer Science and Engineering), the Kateb Libraries, Information Technology Centers, International Exams Center, the Event Management Unit, Security, Health, Strategic and International Communications Offices at the Barchi and Main Branch. As a result, they surveyed the documents and evidences of the implementation of quality improvement criteria at the above mentioned offices.

One of the most important achievements in Afghanistan’s higher education system is accreditation and quality assurance program. Continuous implementation of quality improvement measures is necessary to standardize and improve the quality of Higher Education System in Afghanistan.

Kateb University Board of Trustees, appreciates the Ministry of Higher Education’s Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department’s efforts on improving the quality of higher education and continuous monitoring of the implementation of quality assurance criteria. We also thank the distinguished delegation of the quality improvement and accreditation department who, with great patience, reciprocated in a friendly atmosphere and adhered to professional standards during the four-day visit.



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