6 Jun 2021

MoU Between Kateb University and St. Francis College.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signing between Kateb University and St. Francis College of New York
Kateb University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with St. Francis College to further its strategic goals and continue its partnership with renowned international academic institutions. The purpose of this collaboration is to provide global knowledge, transfer best practices, and create a platform for exchange programs of the students of both institutions. According to this memorandum, both institutions are committed to any scientific cooperation while achieving their strategic goals.
The activities, under this memorandum of understanding include exchange programs for undergraduate and graduate in bilateral and tripartite curricula between two universities, the participation of Kateb University’s students in short-term programs of St. Francis College, and the arrangement and curriculum for the programs. 2+2 and 3+1 education is an agreement to transfer credit from one institution to another, to hold online courses by St. Francis College for the students of Kateb University, and to provide an opportunity for holding discussions between students of both parties.
The MoU also includes cooperation with St. Francis College in the areas of health awareness, exchange and collaboration between faculties of two universities, and joint cooperation in the areas of academic research, curriculum, and individual training programs.
St. Francis College is one of the top colleges in the world for its sustainable development program. The college will assist Kateb University to further develop its undergraduate and graduate curricula.
This memorandum of understanding is valid for five years; the parties to the memorandum of understanding will undertake to further their cooperation and joint scientific activities during these five years.
In order to achieve its vision, Kateb University always strives to create opportunities for scientific cooperation with international academic institutions. Academic societies are globalizing, and Afghan students need to use global resources to gain and enhance their knowledge to compete on international platforms. Taking this into consideration, Kateb University has been able to collaborate with more than twenty national and international academic institutions.
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