3 Apr 2019

Kateb University has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum

Kateb University has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. The memorandum was signed on Tuesday April 2, includes issues such as the provision of educational services and capacity building by Kateb University for ministry staff and cooperation in the areas of reform and administrative development.

Providing job and internship opportunities and placing research and information on ministry’s geological, mineral and hydrocarbon issues available to students and graduates of Kateb University are some of the facilities that the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has agreed to. Kateb University will cooperate in preparing the required curriculum for the mining industry sector, holding short-term training courses and facilitating the admission of employees of that ministry in bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In order to implement the provisions of this Memorandum, representatives of both parties will have joint meetings to plan and coordinate on how to implement the Memorandum. Kateb University hopes that this memorandum will pave the way for further growth and development for both.

 MoU Signing

MoU Signing MoU Signing


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