11 Apr 2018

NAD System Management

NAD was setup in the fall semester of 2014 in order to help students have access to different information needed even when they are outside university.

Students can:

  • Add Classes
  • Drop Classes
  • Check Grades
  • Request a Transcript
  • Do Final Course Evaluations

NAD Manager

Zahra Ibrahimi

[email protected]

Job Description:

  • Making student and faculty accounts
  • Uploading grades
  • Issuing exam ID cards
  • Regularly checking the system during class registrations, add and drop and final course evaluations
  • Editing student/faculty information
  • Updating student transcripts
  • Course add and drop approvals
  • Uploading course materials
  • Preparing course evaluation reports
  • Trouble shooting system problems

Updating list of students who are on different kinds of stop lists

NAD System

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