28 Jun 2020

National Accreditation

National Accreditation Process of the Ministry of Higher Education, Kateb University at the Top in Ranking

On Wednesday, May 22, Kateb University celebrated its National Accreditation at the gathering hall of main branch. Government Authorities, Members of the Board of Directors, the Founders, the Administrative Board, Faculty members and staff members participated in the ceremony.

This ceremony officially started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Dr. Fasihi. After that, the University Chancellor, Mr. Ali Ahmad Yosufi welcomed all the guests and thanked all of the contributors of this success for their untiring efforts during the past years. He also thanked the Ministry of High Education for their continuous support to the private universities in the country and shared his vision of having such continuous collaboration between the two entities in the future. He added that, Kateb University has always been trying to provide quality education to its students and believed that the slogan, “Kateb, House of Elite” was now proven right after these many years. Ending his speech, Mr. Yosufi said that Kateb is now taking its steps towards becoming a reputable university in the region.

Following Mr. Yosufi’s speech, Dr. Sardar Mohammad Rahimi, the Deputy Director of Accredited Literacy at the Ministry of Education, who also used to teach at Kateb University during the very first years of his teaching career, said in his speech that Kateb and its Alumni members are indeed assets to country to whom anyone could look up to and learn from its experience as a successful pioneering private university in Afghanistan.

Mr. Mohammad Naeemi, the Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, another guest speaker at the ceremony, congratulated all of the members of the Academia on the success of Kateb University and was hopeful that kateb would soon be one of the best universities in the region.

Closing the ceremony, awards and certificates were distributed to the administrative board, the faculty members and the staff members.

The accreditation process started in 2013 to accredit all governmental and private universities.

This process, within 3 steps assesses an organization in the management competencies and its education quality. Kateb University is the first among the six top universities in the country by getting 89.74 marks out of 100.


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