5 Jun 2021

MoU between Kateb University and Indonesian Government University (UNNES).

Kateb University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Indonesian Government College (SEMARANG) to further its strategic goals and continue its partnership with renowned international academic institutions. The purpose of this collaboration is to provide world-class knowledge, transfer best practices, and create an exchange platform for students of Kateb University with students and faculty members of SEMARANG University.

According to this memorandum, both universities pledge to collaborate towards any scientific cooperation and achieving the vision of both parties. Conducting joint research and scientific activities, an exchange program for undergraduate and graduate students, carrying out short-term joint learning projects, organizing conferences, seminars, and publishing co-authored scientific papers are part of the terms agreed by both parties.

This memorandum is valid for five years, and both universities will commit to developing their cooperation and joint scientific activities during these five years.

In order to achieve its vision, Kateb University always strives to create opportunities for scientific cooperation with international academic institutions. Academic societies are globalizing, and Afghan students need to use global resources to gain and enhance their knowledge to compete on international platforms. Taking this into consideration, Kateb University has been able to collaborate with more than twenty national and international academic institutions. Also, in the latest global world university rankings, Kateb University has ranked 101-200 in Goal 1: No Poverty.

Kateb; House of Elites


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