7 Sep 2019

Peace Day Slogan Selection meeting was held by Kateb University

The International Peace Day slogan selection meeting was held on Thursday, September 5, 2019 in Barchi branch. This meeting was held in bilateral cooperation between the Scientific Research Center of Kateb University and the American Peace Institute (USIP) during the speeches of Professor Akbar Sarvari, Director of Applied Research. Mr. Ali Ahmad Yousefi, chancelloe of Kateb University, Mr. Mohammad Ehsan Zia, Head of the American Peace Institute, Dr. Mahdi Mohaqeq, Head of Research Center, and Professor Akbar Sarwari, Director of Applied Research, participated in this program.

The program began with the recitation of verses of Holy Quran by Shukrallah Sarwari, then Mr. Ali Ahmad Yousefi gave his speech. He considered peace as important phenomena. He referred to important points such as the discussion of religion, ethnicity, position and loss, and said that, the youth who are the future of the country, can find peace through these issues that have affected the people of our country. Then, Mr. Mohammad Ehsan Zia, Head of the American Peace Institute, spoke about the program. First, Mr. Zia expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of Kateb University in their contribution to the realization of peace in the country. He then spoke about war and peace in the country, he spoke about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the withdrawal of US troops from the country and the continuation of the war so far, then the issue of peace in the country and the agreement between the United States and Taliban also spoke and said that at this time when we are approaching peace, the Afghan government does not support this peace and does not accept it. In the end, he asked those who had attended the event to comment on this issue and make their voices heard to the government of the men that we want peace.

Dr. Mahdi Mohaqeq, Head of Research Center, while welcoming the students and guests, gave the necessary explanations about the competition process on the occasion of International Peace Day and the selection of 5 slogans as the best slogans. Students from different fields of Kateb University participated in this program and participated in this competition. In the first step, all participants in the competition were divided into several groups and it took 15 minutes for each group to compose three slogans. At the end of the allotted time, all the slogans were collected. In the first step, the 10 best slogans were selected by Mohammad Ehsan Zia, Mr. Ali Ahmad Yousefi and Professor Akbar Sarwari, then one person from each group was present on the stage and explained the reason for choosing their slogan. Then, five of the top ten slogans were selected as the top slogans of the International Peace Day slogan gathering. At the end of the program, those whose slogans were chosen were honored with an award from Kateb University and the American Institute of Peace (USIP).


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