15 Oct 2020

Kateb Research Center in collaboration with Porsesh Research and Studies Organization organized workshop “Peace Perception Data Analysis Training”.

In this workshop, STATA Software was discussed for data analysis. It was stated that this software is a multi-purpose statistical software package, which was invented in 1985 by Stata Company. Most researchers in the fields of Economics, Sociology, Law and Political Science and Medicine use this useful software. The name of STATA is delivered from Data and Statistics. This software is computationally more powerful than another statistical software such as SPSS and S-PLUS.

One of the strengths of the software is that it allows users to perform statistical analysis at any level of complexity. Types of time series analyzes, types of linear and nonlinear models, continuous and discrete multivariate methods, quality control, descriptive statistics, types of graphical and graphical analyzes, types of matrix analyzes, etc. can be performed by this software.

As a result, using the Peace Survey data, this information was analyzed using the Stata data analysis tool. In this workshop, participants were familiarized to analyze data by using the Stata package, including: with the Stata command window, the output window, the properties window and the STATA data editor.


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