26 Nov 2020

Policy of using university facilities


In line with its mission to contribute to the development of society, Kateb University has supported research and scientific activities by fostering cooperation, which paves the way for the use of services and facilities of the university not only by students, professors and staff of Kateb, but also by the general public. This is achieved without interrupting the academic programs of the university and the aforesaid facilities will be accessible when they are not used by professors, students and staff of the university. This policy is designed to explain how facilities could be used by people and individuals outside the university.

Research and laboratory facilities and services:

In order to support research activities and researchers across the country, Kateb University has provided research facilities and services not only for researchers, professors and students of Kateb University, but also for other researchers and members of the community. The manner of using research laboratories facilities and services of Kateb University by members of the community are as follow:

  1. Submitting a formal request for using the facilities and services of the research centers, this includes the time and manner of use, to the vice chancellor for academic affairs of the university.
  2. Referring the request to the Research Department for further processing
  3. Specifying the conditions of using research centers in the form of a separate contract and agreement between the user and the Research Department
  4. The applicant undertakes to observe all the rules and regulations of the university during the use of facilities and services, and in case of damage, compensations must be made in accordance with relevant rules.

Facilities and services of the library:

In keeping with public and non-profit mission and policies of Kateb University and in order to contribute to the promotion of knowledge in the country, Kateb University Library provides services not only for students, professors and staff of Kateb, but also for clients not affiliated with the university. The conditions of using the facilities and services offered by the library of Kateb University for the people of the community are as follows:

1- People who work in academic centers, in such capacities as professor, student and employees, can access library resources by presenting a letter from the director of their respective center, and obtaining the approval of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research Department of Kateb University. After going through the administrative process, these people can use library resources, including the books and the reading room.

  1. People who intend to use library resources independently, particularly researchers and writers, can submit a written request to the vice chancellor for academic affairs. This request must be confirmed by the said deputy and Research Department. Upon confirmation, they can use library resources by presenting their original ID card or passport.

3- Reference sources and theses can be used only in the presence of the librarian. Other resources could be used in the study hall with a time limit.

Conference halls:

Kateb University conference halls have a capacity of 300 to 500 people. These halls have the necessary equipment including video conferencing system, projector, Wi-Fi, chairs, audio system, air conditioning and security cameras, which are used not only for university programs, but also for organizations and individuals outside the university. The process and conditions of accessing these halls for people outside the university are as follows:

  1. Submitting a formal request to use the conference hall, including the time, purpose and manner of use, to the university
  2. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs reviews the request to ensure its compliance with academic standards and university regulations and refers it to the administrative department.
  3. If confirmed, the Administrative and Service Department will grant permission for using said facilities.
  4. The applicant undertakes to respect all the rules and regulations of the university during the use of facilities and services. In case of damage to facilities, the applicant must compensate the loss according to relevant rules.

Training programs, seminars, workshops:

Participants can use educational programs, seminars and workshops at Kateb University, depending on the type of program, for free or for a certain fee. Program details, participants, how to register, payment of fee / free access, time, place and services of each program will be specified according to the guidelines for organization of university scientific meetings. The results will be announced through the website and virtual pages of the university and related faculties.


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