28 Dec 2019

Kateb is proud to have supported a seminar on “Best Practices & Innovations of Private Schools in Afghanistan”.

The event was hosted in partnership with Ministry of Education and Center for Education Advancement of Afghanistan (IDEA) from 22nd to 24th Dec, 2019.

A three day event was organized at “Khanee Maleem” Kabul to review successful experiences and educational innovations and to share them among Afghanistan private schools. The seminar was concluded with a speech by Mr. Ali Ahmad Yousefi – President of Kateb University.

In his speech, Mr. Ali Ahmad Yousefi thanked the Ministry of Education for their cooperation and support for innovations in private schools as well as the Idea Institute for sharing this seminar with Kateb University. He emphasized that Kateb University will continue their support for educational institutions in the country. He described the highlights of the seminar as excellent and insisted on their implementation. He anticipated that the education system has a bright future for students.

“After three days of attending a very effective seminar in which school representatives shared their ideas and plans, I congratulate you all”, said Mr. Yousefi.

We are pleased that the Ministry of Education has made many changes in their perspective towards private schools. As in Mr. Shinwari’s remarks, there is a promising future ahead of Afghanistan’s education system. “Fortunately, the problems Private Higher Education Institutions are facing currently are what private educational institutions have already gone through”, stated Mr. Yousefi. He congratulated the private educational institutions on their success, and the Ministry of Education – which has put their thoughts and their solutions together as their top priority task – and he hopes they continue to succeed.

To fulfill the strategic goals, Kateb University is committed to supporting projects and innovations to increase the quality of education in Afghanistan. Mr. Yousefi believes the educational and academic institutions are complementary to each other and cannot provide useful and valuable work without coordination with one another to educate society according to new literacy standards.

To achieve these goals he had two suggestions; first is to create a joint think-tank between the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Education, and private and public educational institutions. To find and explain ways and means of literacy for the people. The second suggestion is that given the existing bureaucracy in government departments there should be a continued relationship and coordination between private educational institutions. It is good to initially establish a link between private university union and private schools to elaborate and design a mechanism for collaborative work. Mr. Yousefi invited the “Private Educational Institutions” to join & start a link between us form today.

Mr. Ali Ahmad was confident that building a strong relationship between the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Education as well as private and public education institutions can have significant impacts on increasing the level of knowledge and literacy in our society.

The Seminar was attended by quality, elite and innovative school principals from different provinces of the country with the presence of Mr. Shinwari – the Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Parviz Khosrow – Head of Private Schools, heads and representatives of private schools union and representatives of international organizations collaborating with the Ministry of Education. Other Ministry of Education colleagues from the educational quota department, the Scientific Council, the Head of Science Center and members of the Innovation Board and Creative Directors of Private and Public Schools of Afghanistan were present in the event.



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