7 Nov 2020

Seminar on raising awareness of the activities of Ministry of Finance was held.

Economics Faculty of Kateb University, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, held a seminar to raise awareness of the activities of the Ministry of Finance in the last 5 years in the areas of budget and global aid on November 4, 2020.
In this seminar, after recitation of Holy Quran and playing the national anthem, Dr. Hassan Rohani, Dean of Economics Faculty, spoke about the importance and necessity of informing the activities of government departments in specialized academic forums and thanked the Ministry of Finance for participation and information for economics and business management students. The Head of Communication and Public Awareness Department of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Shamrooz Khan Masjedi, gave his presentation and talked about the activities of the Ministry of Finance during the past 5 years. After analyzing the statistics of budget and foreign aid, the meeting continued with answering the questions of professors and students by Shamrooz Khan Masjedi, and at the end, this seminar was ended with the appreciation of the honored guests of the program by the Ministry of Finance.


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