26 Nov 2019

Law to access information awareness Workshop

Political Science Department of Kateb University in collaboration with the Independent Commission of Access to Information, held a workshop on raising awareness of Law to Access Information on Thursday, November 7th 2019.

The Seminar hosted Ms. Zahra Mousavi, Hamdullah Arbab, Khalil Jeyhun, Members of the Commission of Access to Information and with Students’ participation from various universities.

The event was opened by Dr. Abulfazl Fasihi, Head of the Political Science Department of Kateb University. After addressing the audience with welcome remarks, he pointed out that today is the age of Democracy and called it an efficient system. He mentioned that good governance as the result of the realization of a democratic system and public oversight of the principles of democracy. He added that good governance can be established when there is public oversight and public oversight is possible when people will have access to information available in offices. He also highlighted transparency, accountability, and responsiveness as key indicators of good governance and considered it as an active part of citizens’ governance. The establishment of the Commission on Access to Information and the implementation of the Law to access information is an important mechanism for the circulation of information, Press freedom and Securing the rights of citizens.

The first speaker, Ms. Zahra Mousavi outlined that access to information is a fundamental right of the citizen and an effective tool to combat corruption. She stated access to information as the social power of people in ensuring transparency, accountability and the rule of law in democratic societies. She also emphasized that the citizens of Afghanistan must be aware of their legal and human rights and use it to hold agencies responsive. Citizens in a democratic system can establish good governance by contributing to government decisions to provide services to citizens and determine their collective destiny. Therefore, citizens’ active involvement in governance through access to information can be helpful and ensure the extent of government activity and performance in securing their rights.

Next speaker, Mr. Khalil Jeyhun, presented the Law to access Information by providing information about how to access information, persons’ protection, the provision of information, method of providing information, information authorities, duties of information authorities in the offices, offices obligation in the prevention of information disclosure, the Law outlined prohibition on access to information, complaints and how it is handled by the Commission, violations and corrections and persons’ immunity.


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