15 Aug 2017

Smoke Free Policy


Kateb University is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its faculty, staff and students. The university believes that exposure of faculty, staff and students who do not smoke to second-hand smoke is harmful to health. Breathing in second-hand smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, and is dangerous for people with existing lung or heart conditions. This policy is designed to secure a non-smoking healthy and safe environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors.



This policy applies to all Kateb University faculty, staff, students, visitors, contractors and sub-contractors whilst on University owned and controlled property.

University will have jurisdiction over faculty, staff and students’ misconduct that occurs on university premises.


A. Smoking is not permitted in any university building. This includes personal offices, library, study hall, air-conditioned areas, enclosed non-air-conditioned common areas (e.g. stairwells, washrooms), non-enclosed, non-air-conditioned common areas (e.g. corridors, open-air lobbies), as well as areas within 5 meters of Entrances and Exits.

B. All university vehicles are designated as non-smoking. This includes University vehicles even if they are mainly used by one member of staff and also vehicles that are hired or leased for university business.

C. This smoking policy also applies to the use of electronic cigarettes. These devices directly undermine the effects and intentions of existing legislation including the ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces, therefore as a consequence and to avoid confusion and interpretation on the smoking policy, electronic cigarettes are prohibited wherever smoking is prohibited.

D. Signage will be clearly displayed at the entrances and within university premises that is compliant with the Smoke-free (Signs) in Persian, Pashto and English languages.



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