22 May 2018

Speech Club

Speech clubs will help participants improve their ability to speak before different types of audiences. It is designed to contribute to the overall development of a person. Good speakers need to grow not only on external details (dress, posture, facial expressions, gestures, and voice), but also on internal qualities such as genuine concern for other people. The development of speaker’s character in terms of enthusiasm, humor, and friendliness is laid out by specific speech opportunities and helpful criticisms. The qualities of critical thinking, wisdom and posture are formed through speech opportunities.

KPDI held its speech club sessions on weekly basis where students from different classes participate to put tremendous efforts to become great speakers. Yet, more than thirty-five students are speech club and their number is growing. Qasim Amanyar a student of KPDI holds the first position in speech competition that was held among different faculties in Kateb University on December 2016. Our speech club rewards you with rich personality growth, confidence, interpersonal relationships, and friendship. Join us to stand among best speakers in Afghanistan.

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