2 Dec 2019

Kateb University Startup Weekend

The Faculty of Economics, in collaboration with the Faculty of Computer Science, Organized an experimental-training Workshop #Startup_Weekend. More than 200 business enthusiasts had registered to join the program, but due to entry restrictions, only 130 were selected.

Initially, Participants with an idea had to present it in less than a minute. Out of 42 ideas, unanimously, the top 13 were selected. Subsequently, according to their specialty, interests, and ideas, they teamed up to work and develop their business ideas.

On the second day of Startup Weekend, the teams started practicing their ideas and gathering information and statistics on different aspects of their business. Then the teams became more familiar with market and product research by attending a “Business Model Canvas” Workshop presented by Mr. Mohammadi. Besides, the “MVP” Workshop held by Mr. Nekpi to learn about the process of creating a demo for a product. The teams then worked on their ideas and tried to address different aspects of their business. Furthermore, several mentors who own various businesses helped the teams by participating in the program.

Participants kicked off the final day with “How to Pitch” Workshop by Mr. Mehdi Shafaie, followed by mass photoshoots in a happy and energetic environment. They then prepared their presentations and received mentor opinions. Finally, the teams begin to present their Business ideas to the Referees one by one and answered their questions.

At the end of the day, the following 4 teams were recognized and awarded respectively:

1.     First Team: (Uniqids)

2.     Second Team: (HadiaDoll)

3.     Third Team: (Maditech)

4.     Fourth Team: (Pakiza Packing)

Kateb University aims to educate young entrepreneurs through such events, hoping that these teams take great strides in their entrepreneurial activities by implementing it.


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