23 May 2018

Student Advising Center at KU

A human’s needs for counseling and discussion over important decisions in life, is not hidden from anyone. With no doubt, any decisions taken with help of some counseling keeps a person away from making mistakes and bearing loss. Most of the failures in career and educational life are due to the lack of information in the respective fields that lead to wrong decision making. This is why the student counseling and advising program at Kateb University has a lot of importance and is one of the necessities for a student.

The Student Counseling and Mentorship Program at Kateb University offers the following services to our students:

– Counseling and letting students know of their educational and career preferences based on standard tests.

– Counseling and introducing students to different learning methods, memory enhancement, and concentration.

– Teaching students of different presentation skills

– Exam Stress management techniques

Emotional and Individual Advice

Seeking advice from any expert is a chance to share what you feel in the inside with someone who is neutral, unbiased and secret-keeper who can help you to learn new methods of coping up with life problems. This also helps a person from being over-whelmed by emotional, relational and personality based problems and gives him/her to motivation of focusing on solutions rather than problems.

The Student Advising Center at KU offers advice and counseling to our students on the following matters:

– Depression

– Anxiety, obsession and stress management

– Emotional Problems

– Marriage Counseling

– Crisis and Fatalities

– Hostel residence problems

Other than the above, the center also provides some grouping sessions on different topics like communication methods, team-work, university life learning and public speaking skills.


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