23 May 2018

Student Development Center

The Student Development Center is a practical approach and one of our top priorities towards students’ success during their time at university. The SDC offers professional services in order to support students to explore their potentials in different fields to ensure future job success and educational ambition. The SDC strives to enhance the quality of student life and focuses on professional and personal growth of students.


  1. Facilitating emotional, intellectual, social and inter-personal development of students
  2. Providing individual support to students who need to improve in a certain area
  3. Organizing capacity building programs for students and administrative staff
  4. Supporting and welcoming any student idea on how to improve campus life for them and their peers
  5. Facilitating professional development courses to polish students potential


  1. Student Success Program
  2. Student Counseling Program
  3. Student Associations
  4. Career Development Program
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